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Certain servers are affected, as they did to WoW Classic SoD Gold a few of them the server I'm on Pagels and medium POP servers in Blizzard shut it down so you could not even transfer to this server if you want to do I'm not sure if you can make a brand new character. This is basically your only option other than sitting in login queues for long periods of time. As of now, things appear to be a bit dire until Blizzard decides to make a move. In the meantime, everyone I'm making this video to express that I am aware of the complaints, I am sorry for you. Returning to classic vanilla.

If I was on one of these, very high pop servers with a sloppy queues for logons, I would wake up at three in the morning, I would play 1819 hours a day. Then I'd fall asleep around 10 or 11 pm. and I'd fall asleep go to sleep when the login queues dropped and I'd then wake up as the login queues were at their lowest. I'd just ride the whole wave and did not log out. This is how I got around the login queues. But like that's not normal. It's not healthy, is it? You're probably a normal man who has to go to work or has a family or whatever and you return home around seven or eight in the afternoon. This is like the money I'm paying to play this game . I'd like to just play the game and you can't you have four hours of waiting in the login queue and when the login queue is finished, it's time to Buy WoW SoD Gold fall asleep and repeat the process.


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