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Mmoexp FC 24:The first line of defense, goalkeepers

In the ever-evolving world of FC gaming, the quest for EA FC 24 Coins the best players in each position is an ongoing pursuit for football enthusiasts. As FC 24 unfolds, a myriad of talented players graces the Premier League, offering gamers an array of options to enhance their squad. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into some of the standout players in each position, considering factors such as stats, versatility, and value for coins.


The first line of defense, goalkeepers are crucial to a team's success. Among the standout options are the brand new UCL hero, DCK, an 88-rated gem available for a reasonable 36,000 coins. With dynamic upgrades and improved stats, he stands as a significant improvement from previous editions. Additionally, the Team of the Group Stage Pope, though currently injured, boasts a commanding 6'6" frame, priced at 177,000 coins. For those seeking consistency, Allison, an 89-rated goalkeeper, and Edison, an 88-rated option, provide solid choices at 37,000 and 23,000 coins, respectively.


Moving to the defensive lineup, the right back position sees the dominance of Gold Card Walker, valued at 880,000 coins. Despite his hefty price tag, his long ball passing skills and potential for a shapeshifter midfielder version make him a compelling option. In the left back position, Robertson Trailblaze, an 88-rated player, emerges as a solid choice at 140,000 coins. Thiago Silva's SBC offers an attractive option for Chelsea fans or those building a Chelsea-themed team.

Among the center backs, Timber stands out with his phenomenal 86 rating and a price tag of 200,000 coins. However, the undeniable kings of the defensive line are Virgil Van Dijk and Varane, both offering reliable options at 500,000 and 540,000 coins, respectively. The introduction of the UCL hero Company adds another dimension to the defensive choices, with an 89 rating and a price yet to be determined.


Transitioning to the midfield, the lineup is stacked with formidable options. The five-star four-star JJ OTA stands out at 170,000 coins, showcasing exceptional pace, dribbling, shooting, and passing abilities. The pricey but influential Triple Threat Yaya T provides a physical presence in the center mid role at 1.9 million coins.

KDB, though awaiting potential upgrades, presents a versatile midfield option at 600,000 coins. The UCL hero Ramirez, priced at 1.4 million coins, hints at an exciting future evolution, thanks to his well-balanced stats. Saka's 91-rated Team of the Group Stage card offers a dynamic option on the wing at 700,000 coins.


As we approach the attacking front, the Premier League boasts an array of skillful forwards. Salah, with numerous versions, remains a constant threat, and his 91-rated version is an affordable option at 1.1 million coins. The potential upgrade for Jesus adds another layer to the striking force, priced at 160,000 coins. Fatty's 91-rated card, acquired from one of the early evolutions, is a dynamic choice at 280,000 coins.

The surprise standout is Perisic, available at 94,000 coins, providing excellent acceleration and performance on the wing. Diaz, priced at 500,000 coins, shines with impressive pace, dribbling, shooting, and passing. The iconic Willian stands tall with his 89-rated card, offering exceptional stats across the board at 800,000 coins.

The Strikers:

In the striker department, Rashford's imminent upgrade makes his 800,000 coins version an enticing prospect. Alvarez, with a 407,000 coins price tag, offers a cost-effective yet brilliant solution. The often-underestimated Rasmus, at 12,000 coins, surprises with decent pace and finesse. The free Road to the Knockout Harland and Pedro showcase the evolution from a silver card to a stunning 89-rated version and a 94-rated dynamo, respectively.

As FC 24 unfolds, the Premier League provides a treasure trove of talent across all positions. Choosing the best players for your squad involves considering individual play styles, team chemistry, and budget constraints. The dynamic nature of player upgrades and the potential for cheap Fut 24 Coins new releases keep the gaming experience fresh and exciting. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to FC, exploring the diverse range of players in the Premier League ensures an engaging and competitive gaming experience.


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